Technical Documents

The Technical Documentation Division provides a convenient Document Archiving and Managing System which enables retrieving documents accurately and with ease. This methodology helps in automating the drudgery of implementation and provides organized approach to problem solving by listing, diagramming and documenting all steps. The structured methodology will help to standardize and systemize the document management system implementation and maintenance by approaching them with an engineering discipline.

To comply with the market trend, our Technical Documentation Division provides assistance for preparing and implementing Quality Management System for all organizations as per ISO/ ISM and other International Standards.

Our Technical Documentation Division can provide the following services:

  • ISM Manuals and Implementation
  • Cargo Securing Manual
  • Garbage Management Plan
  • S.O.P.E.P
  • Black Out Emergency Procedure
  • Marine Legal Advisors(Technical)
  • I.S.P.S
  • Document Compilation
  • ISO Documentation and systems Implementation
  • Segregation and Labeling Services
  • Document Archiving
  • Document Digitalization
  • Electronic Drafting - Drawing Retrieval / Redrawing
  • Vessel Onboard Documentation
  • Vessel Documentation Compliance Survey / Reporting
  • HSE Manual Preparation
  • Vessel / Company Auditing and Reporting
  • Technical Brochures / Company Prequalification Documents
  • Technical Documentation
  • Onboard Documentation
  • Onboard Inspection and Documentation



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